Sensational Tweeter: At his best again !

Varma doesn’t leave any chance of creating sensations with his tweets.Whatever be the occasion.. whatever be the topic..he expresses his opinions to the extrme level with this tweets. By doing this, he will become the center of some controversy.. and the twitter followers will have some fun. It has become a habit for him now.

It is known that BJP achieved great success in UP- Uttarakhand in the recently concluded aseembly elections of 5 states. Even though BJP lost Punjab..Goa, they will not have much impact on the Central politics as they are relatively smaller states. Varma has focused on this latest political development freshly..

“I like SARKAR of @SrBachchan better than @narendramodi ‘s SARKAR but luv the SARKARgiri of @narendramodi more becos of upcmng Ram mandir”(sic)

“I feel @narendramodi is far bigger God than ShriRamJi becos I dint live in Ram’s time ..Am so loving to live in @narendramodi ‘s Ayodhya” (sic)

It’s not a big thing for Varma to tweet on the local politics because, he doesn’t even leave American elections.. and Donal Trump. But the fresh aspect here in his latest tweet is dragging Lord Sriram into the topic. It is known that the controversy created because of the Women’s Day tweets didn’t die down till now. We have to wait and see what is going to be the reaction on his latest tweets.

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