India vs Australia

There are a few who still want Parthiv Patel in his place, the feisty Gujarati who loves to get under opponents’ skin, the one who could  as a teenager and has no qualms about  mediocre and their batsmen lucky even when he was playing a Test match after a decade-long break.

Saha, on the other hand, looks sheepish even when he is in control. Perhaps he himself isn’t sure that he belongs at this level. The Australians were trying to ruffle him with a barrage of bouncers punctuated with pleasantries. Hazlewood stopped mid-pitch to deliver a slightly extended speech to make it clear that he wasn’t impressed with Saha, who cut him short with a wave of the hand and told him to just get on with it. The little gesture revealed the steely grit behind that sheepish face. Saha belongs.

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