My god.. single scene for three years !

It is not a big thing to work hard 2-3 years on a single film. Some film makers plan like that.. and some film makers take more time for perfection. But working on a single scene for three years is indeed a big record.

‘Sholay’ occupies top slot in the evergreen film of Bollywood Megastar Amitabh Bachchan. We can say that this is the career best movie of Big B. Amitabh revealed an interesting thing regarding this film that they worked three years for a single scene in ‘Sholay’. He said that “There is a scene where Jaya will be lighting a lamp in the verandah. I should play a mouth organ sitting in the opposite house watching Jaya. There is so much importance to lighting in this scene. But.. Dwaraka Divecha didn’t compromise in the picturization of this scene”.

“Getting ready for the shot.. and stopping the shoot as lighting is not perfect..preparing for the shot again.. we had to wait for this scene for three years like that. He finally okayed the shot as he captured the scene with perfect lighting”. Whatever be the is a rare record… and nobody will attempt to break it.

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