Budget : Akhil maintains same standard

We all know that second film of Akkineni Akhil is hitting the sets soon.  Vikram Kumar is going to direct this film and the title has been finalized for this film.   Annapurna Studios bannner has recently registered a title ‘Raarandoy Veduka Chooddam’.. and the reports say that this is the title of Akhil film.

Apart the this, another update regarding this film has become a hot topic in the film circles. The update says that the budget allotted this film is 40 crore.  Usually the budget of Vikram Kumar films will be this range. Sometimes the budget exceeds because he takes long time to complete the film.  But many people believe him because of his perfectionism. Morever he will not make make films in the same genre. Once he touches one genre.. he will not touch it again. He is said to be planning Akhil’s film in on par with Hollywood action films.

That is the reason why the film needed such a high budget. The buzz says that they have allotted 20 crore for the fight sequences only.  Akhil’s first film was made with the similar budget but the result was a huge disappointment.  But Nagarjuna has huge confidence on Vikram Kumar as he has delivered a memorable film like ‘Manam’.. and he has allotted this kind of budget.  Whatever be the case.. Akhil is maintaining same budget for his second film.. but the big question here is.. what about recovery ?

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