Billionaire’s son prints 2000, 500 notes to buy drugs !

‘I learned that every mortal tastes death.. but only some will taste life’.. it is an interesting quote. If we change it slightly.. ‘every mortal earns money..but only some will print their money’. A son of a billionaire in Mumbai followed the second path. He printed the latest 2000 & 500 currency notes and landed into trouble.

Going into the details.. Salman Sopariwala is addicted to drugs. As his parents wouldn’t give him the money to buy drugs.. he got a brilliant idea.. to print the currency.. and he started doing it silently. All this came to light when his associate Waqar Ansari was arrested during a nakabandi by Mumbai police on March 4. When he was questioned by police Waqar revealed the name of Salman Sopariwala. Police investigated the case further and found out the counterfeit currency and blank papers at Salman’s godown.

There is an interesting thing in this whole episode.. i.e., they have never used the fake currency except for buying drugs !

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