5 States Assembly Polls: Final Results!

Modi Wave helped BJP form the Government in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Congress returns to power in Punjab after a decade.

BJP almost runnier the possibility of Congress ruling Manipur for the fourth consecutive term. Still, Congress have a good chance of forming Government here. It could either be a Hung Assembly or Congress might woo 3 Independent MLAs.

Whereas in Goa, The equation is more or less similar. Congress which emerged as the single largest party could spoil BJP’s chances of retaining power if it can get the support of at least 4 more MLAs.

Uttar Pradesh (403 Seats): Magic Figure – 202

BJP: 312 Seats; SP: 47 Seats; BSP: 19 Seats, Congress: 19 Seats; Others: 18 Seats

Punjab (117 Seats): Magic Figure – 59

Congress: 77 Seats; AAP: 20 Seats; Akali Dal: 15 Seats; BJP: 3 Seats; Others: 2 Seats

Uttarakhand (70 Seats): Magic Figure – 36

BJP: 57 Seats; Congress: 11 Seats; Others: 2 Seats

Manipur (60 Seats): Magic Figure – 31

Congress: 28 Seats; BJP+: 21 Seats; AITMC: 1 Seat; Others: 10 Seats

Goa (40 Seats): Magic Figure – 21

Congress: 17 Seats; BJP: 13 Seats; MGP: 3 Seats; Others: 7 Seats

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